I have a little man in my heart!

If you have felt little velvety fingers moving on your hands and suddenly, they grip your finger with a sure trusting force, you know what I mean!

Google Image

Google Image – best describes the post!

I have a little man in my heart and he is gonna call me mommy! 🙂

My little man came in my life 5 months before today and he has sealed the love me and my husband share in a way no one else could have! He is the cherry to our cake!

I have never come home from work and been so fresh in a moment! The minute I enter, I see a warm inviting smile emerging on his face like a beautiful sunrise! That anticipation of being held and kissed and hugged, those squeals of laughter, those tiny fingers moving across my face, they make my day seem worthwhile.

I had always heard motherhood was the best feeling ever, the one you could not describe. I experience it today as I write about it! In the middle of a hectic work day, I miss you son! I see you smile and I am drawn to you like a moth to a flame! I love you beyond boundaries! You are my personal sun, warming my life with gleam in your eyes!! Thank you for entering my life!


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