Curious case of Bollywood extra marital affairs and blame game

Recently, there was a news of trouble spewing between a Bollywood actress and her twice divorced husband, she being the third wife, because of an affair with some upcoming actress.

Overheard at a coffee shop, a discussion among a family about this. The DIL speaks how unfortunate it was for the actress that she believed someone, gave him a chance knowing all the history and even after that, she is going through this difficult time. So far so good.

Suddenly, the MIL quips “how is it unfortunate for her! She married him for money so it serves her right!” It doesn’t end there. The enlightened one continues to say “She should have known better. And not gotten married for money and dupe the poor guy. Who knows the previous two might also have married him for money and the poor thing was looking out for genuine love” “All this feminism backwas is getting to girls of today.”

My only reaction was no reaction. I guess, thinking like this is a disgusting by-product of living in this patriarchal society. I don’t think feminism has anything to do with it. And had the facts been reverse, I wouldn’t be least surprised, if the same MIL would sing painful sad songs for the victimised poor guy.


9 thoughts on “Curious case of Bollywood extra marital affairs and blame game

  1. A regular Indian girl! says:

    I agree. But the point of my post was not what was reported. Its about the judgmental people we live with who will raise fingers at women, no matter what.

    About Jiah Khan, hmm. I think she was very broken mentally. Should have taken some psychoanalytical treatment. Nothing wrong in it. In India, we perceive so many things. People who go to psychoanalyst are crackpots or mental, etc. But in reality, they are strong enough to know that there is a problem and optimistic enough to think that it can be cured. It takes a lot of courage to go to a doctor and talk about your disappointments and things that hold you back. No small feat, that.

    Thanks for dropping in, as always!


    • vivekgoel says:

      The question in my mind is why be judgmental at all when we are not aware of the facts.judgment is obfuscated with distorted facts.if u show a single object to more than 2 people there shall be different perceptions about it.its very difficult for anyone to perceive the object from multiple view points it leads to all arguements


      • A regular Indian girl! says:

        I agree. I do agree. But to my experience, in case of a bad marriage, most people would say the fault lies with the woman.

        In fact, very recently, we came to know that in one of the families that live in our block, the husband has an extra marital affair. And guess what? Many women, yes women, are of the opinion that the wife is at fault since she constantly pesters her husband with things like “x’s husband dresses like that” “y’s husband accompanies the wife for grocery shopping” “z’s husband took her for a movie” bla bla. So they think the husband is justified in his extra marital affair. Why should the poor man go through the torture and not have fun in life??

        Now will the same women approve of an extra-marital affair of a wife whose husband constantly nags her “my mom cooks like this” “my mom cleans like that” or where the mother in law constantly nags “x’s daughter in law cooks all indian sweets at home, no need to waste money on buying” “y’s daughter in law knows all the bhajans” “z’s daughter in law earns more than you do”.???

        Anyways, thanks for your comment. Appreciate. I agree to what you say. In short “there are always 3 sides to a story. theirs, yours and the truth” But being judgmental comes naturally to most. (may be, I am included in the list too!)


  2. ANooP says:

    Bollywood is filled with muck, politics and filth. It’s a big mirage. What happens there is not what gets reported.

    I happened to read Jiah Khan’s suicide note today in google news. If its true then it was really unfortunate with what happened to her. She should have never killed herself in the first place.

    Thanks for sharing. cheers


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